Jim Ward

Gosh, it’s been a long time since I last communicated with you!  By the look of your website and products, your business is going well.  I certainly hope so.

Our community has been thoroughly enjoying the lights we bought from you 5 or 6 years ago.  They are made like tanks, and we get complements from homeowners and visitors all the time.

I am in the process of reconstructing my home deck, and I want to use your lights on it.  I am looking for the same “fit and finish” as we purchased originally.  Also, our community is adding a new deck, and we want the new lights to match those we already have installed.

I truly hope your business continues doing well.  I have not seen any products that come close to those you offer!  Thank you for building such quality.

Please call or write me with any questions regarding my portion of the order.

Thanks, again!

David and Cheryl Weaver

We just purchased a solar light for our mailbox from you and love the look as well as the craftsmanship. We are going to change out these copper solar lights that we bought at Home Depot. I am thinking of going all white. What is your opinion. We are going to have to stay with the solar for now. Do you have any pictures of what the all white would look like or would you recommend staying with something like we have in this picture. Thanks for your opinion and thank you for making such a great quality product.

Thank You

Brad Duzan

We rec’d 4 of the smooth black wrinkle post cap (low voltage) Wednesday and they exceeded our expectations!  We would like to order  5 more…

Tom Lawler

I ordered two lights from you maybe two years ago and LOVE them!  I want to order two more, and want to ensure I get two more that are the same.  I think you have more sizes now then when I ordered before, 5.5×5.5 vs just 6×6 etc, so I want to be sure the two I need to order are the same.

Kim Jennings

I just wanted to let you know that we received the lights we ordered from you and they look great! Thanks!


The lights arrived yesterday and they really look incredible!  Thank you very much!
The box arrived pretty round but thanks to your excellent bubble-wrap packaging all the lights arrived unharmed.
I just want to confirm that there were 5 “packages” in the box — the 4 lights and the 1 little package of bulbs and connectors, right?  I haven’t sorted through all of the packing peanuts and don’t want to accidentally throw anything out.
Thank you very much again — the lights are going to look incredible — once I figure out where my contractor has gotten to and they get installed.

Jim F

Hi Steve, I received the light last week and it looks great – beautiful design and solid construction – the color matches as well!  I just put in a order for the remaining seven.  Thanks for your help and personal assistance with the lights.

Laura C

I have to tell you the lights are absolutely gorgeous. They were wired and lit last night and I love them! Thank you so much for your product. I will tell everyone about them and show them off. Thanks again.


Steve,  All lights are installed.  You have one very happy customer.  I’ll spread the word!


I have passed on your info sheet to my electrician.  He said yours are the best quality caps he’s seen at an affordable price!  I feel lucky to have some of your art.  Thanks for a great product!