The cap is awesome!  Thanks much and it did arrive on Saturday as projected.  I really love how “beefy” the cap is in weight and in looks.  Can you figure up what the new balance will be for the ten remaining lights? ( 4 are up against the house ).  Thanks for the help!


Yes, I am very interested.  A company called The Dexperts here in Ashburn, VA are building
our deck but not until May. However, when they saw your post caps they
were very impressed…just thought I would share that info.
I was very impressed that you contacted me again after my 1st inquiry.


Thank you again. I will forward pictures soon as I can get them on the porch. You can show your lights off from a home in South Carolina!


It is amazing how quickly you respond to email. Thank you very much and I appreciate your zeal and thoroughness. I am looking forward (with bated breath) to receiving our lights. Thank you very much.
I cannot wait to show off the finished product ~ have a big coming out party planned in a couple weeks. Thanks again.


WOW!  Today I received two more Hammered Bronze Post Caps and they really came out beautiful!


Thanks for the quick return e-mail Steve.
I’m out of time right now but i’ll try and hop on tonight or tommorow evening and make an order for two of them via your website.
Thanks for an alternative to the blahse mundain items avalible elsewhere!
Talk with you soon.


I appreciate your help. I’m really looking forward to getting my deck lighted.
I’ll send some pictures when I get done.

Jim M

I just ordered 18 more of the copper vein, smooth finish, 6” x 6” lighted post caps.
I really liked the one I received yesterday.
I have already wired the deck and am ready to go.
Thanks for making such a great product.


Your site looks great! I’m very impressed with your photo gallery.

Kavar P

I think you have an excellent concept there.”
All the best