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How to install low voltage lighted post caps / deck lighting.

How To Install Low Voltage Deck Lights

Enjoy these video tutorials about how to install low voltage deck lights.  There are certainly other methods of installing low voltage deck lights, especially if you have a composite deck or a post that uses composite sleeves.  If you do, it actually makes your install easier since you will have to do less drilling and you can hide your wires inside the sleeves, making all your connections underneath the deck.

Feel free to call Steve with any questions at 913-638-1685.

We also have a  Photo Tutorial on How to Install our low voltage deck lights here.

It shows the photos of the tools you need and has some detailed instructions.

This video about how to install our low voltage deck lighting is pretty good, but if you happen to have any questions about voltage drop or different applications send me an email or give me a call and I will try to help you out.

Voltage Drop

– I usually try to account for it whenever I install lights even if I am using LEDs.  This means I typically only put 5 or 6 lights on one home run to the transformer.  And the home run usually comes up in the middle of the run of lights and “T’s” off.  So if you have a run of 5 lights, the home run will go to the third light and branch off to the other 2 in each direction.

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