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Deck lighting with low voltage lighted post caps / deck lights.
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Deck lights, deck lighting, low voltage lighted post caps at night.Deck Lights, Deck Lighting, Lighted Post Caps

Make Your Deck Safer and More Usable After Dark!
Did you spend thousands of dollars on your deck to only use it during the day?

Heck no you didn’t!

Check out how good your deck can look by viewing some of our spectacular Deck Lighting pictures.

Our lighted post caps are some of the thickest, most durable deck lights you will ever find!

Smooth black wrinkle lighted post cap / deck light.
Smooth, low profile, lighted post caps / deck lights.

Hammered, Sunburst color Deck Light / Lighted Post Cap.
Hammered, low profile, lighted post caps / deck lights.

Under railing LED deck light.
Under handrail LED deck lighting.

You didn’t put all that money, time, and effort into your deck to only be able to use it during the day did you?

For a fraction of the cost of the deck, you can double your usage.  Our deck lighting has a fantastic look during the day and provides a romantic, ambient light at night.  All this, without attracting swarms of bugs!

Plus, if you have wood posts, you will save them from rotting!

And the low voltage lighted post caps are incredibly low maintenance!

Light It Up, and enjoy your deck at night too

  • Use your deck at night without attracting swarms of bugs!
  • Add safety and security for your family and guests.
  • Protect your posts from rotting and weathering.

Pictures of deck lighting sent in by my customers!  Some of these pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

Or, browse through our deck lighting photo gallery,
Deck Lights Photo Gallery

You’ll get a good idea of the ambiance that your deck can provide for you after dark.

Welcome to something unique.

Double your deck usage with attractive, affordable lighting. Moonlight Decks offers unique products that enhance your deck with lighting that looks great, protects your deck posts – and doesn’t attract bugs! Made in the USA and shipped quickly to your door, Moonlight Decks lighting solutions are the best in the industry.

Since 2004, Moonlight Decks has designed the perfect lighting options to illuminate and protect your deck.  Before creating our patented design, we searched far and wide for similar solutions and found nothing.  When we realized the need for deck lighting in Overland Park, KS was not being met, we began offering our one-of-a-kind deck lighting. We are now your one stop shop for lighted post caps, step lights, and path lighting. We offer deck lighting in Overland Park, KS that is industry-leading, made of aluminum to ensure strength, durability and sustainability. Your lights might even outlast your deck!

At Moonlight Decks, we value responsive customer service. That’s why we ship your new deck light fixtures to Overland Park, KS or anywhere in the U.S. the very next day. Your products will arrive within 2-3 days, so you can begin your night-time enjoyment of your deck in no time. Custom colors and sizes are available by request.  We also offer product installation and/or demos for local customers in the Kansas City area. Our goal is to help you enjoy your beautiful deck at night with the visibility and security that Moonlight Decks quality deck lights provide. We invite you to join the many customers who are currently benefiting from our superior service and top-quality products.

  • We offer one-of-a-kind lighting solutions that allow you to enjoy your deck 24/7 without attracting bugs.
  • Our post caps protect your posts from weathering and rotting.
  • All our lighted post caps are made in the USA, in Kansas City.
  • Local customers can buy Moonlight Decks LLC deck lights directly and pick up from our shop.
  • We ship light fixtures throughout the country and invite customers to order anywhere from 1 to 100 lights at a time, including custom sizes and colors.

Now providing Deck Building, Stamped Concrete Patios, Covered Decks and Porches

Deck Lighting in Kansas City! If you are in Kansas City and would like to see the deck lights in person, I can arrange to show you the post caps on your deck.  We can also arrange to install the deck lights for you. Call me on my cell,
913-638-1685, to arrange an appointment.  Or you can also view the caps at these fine stores:

Landmark Lighting
13257 W 98th St.
Lenexa , KS 66215
Ask for Craig or Mike

Need a deck builder in Kansas City?  Call All Weather Decks!

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